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CanLII Connects was created to make it faster and easier for legal professionals and the public to access high-quality legal commentary on Canadian court decisions.

We bring together lawyers, scholars and others with professional competency in legal analysis to share their insights and form collective opinions.*

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About CanLII

CanLII thanks its original Executive Director, Janine Miller (ret’d April 2011). As Project Director in CanLII’s pre-history, as its ambassador and driving force throughout its first decade, and finally as generous educator of the current Board and President, Janine's passion for CanLII made many true believers in the cause of free access to law. Her inspiration and efforts are reflected in the 2012 to 2014 strategic plan.  

Additional thanks and acknowledgements are due to the countless volunteers of the provincial and territories law societies who directly, and through the Federation of Law Societies, provided the human and financial resources necessary to take CanLII from concept to reality to fixture of the Canadian legal research landscape.  

Likewise, thanks are due to the legal information professionals, both individually and collectively through such institutions as the Canadian Association of Law Libraries, who have lent their expertise, feedback and promotional support throughout CanLII’s history.  

Finally, CanLII wishes to recognize the financial and non-financial contributions of Lexum, the provincial law foundations, the courts, the Justice Ministries, the tribunals and arbitrators and all others without whom the legal content itself – the cases and legislation – could not be consolidated by CanLII for the benefit of all Canadians.
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